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 It's smart to be safeTM


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Connectivity with 
Eyes On The Roads 
Hands on the Wheel


iQ-TelematicsTM LLC and ACT-IPTM LLC Intellectual Properties are available for licensing to Automotive OEM or to Tier suppliers for installation as a part of new vehicle assembly operation, e.g. no dealer installation. 


For more information about licensing iQ-TelematicsTM, please contact us on Licensing at 

To license ACT-IPTM Intellectual Property, please contact ACT-IP directly on www.ACT-IP.US


For Dealer Installation, Value Adding Integration such as installation as apart of a retrofit or as part of fleet operation, we can sell you the box directly and work with you to integrate it to your final offering.  For more information, please contact us on Integrators at


iQ-TelematicsTM is the exclusive Licensee of our sister company, ACT-IPTM Intellectual Properties.  Under the agreement, we do not re-license IP, but license grants iQ-TelematicsTM full rights to manufacture and sell the product worldwide and to establish distributorship and sell completed boxes to Telematics Integrators, Automotive OEM or Tier suppliers.


We are working on our mass production design that will be available in early 2013.  Purchase of an aftermarket solution is available by contacting info at


We are revising product line up to meet consumer's and fleet mangers needs on functional and price range, while keeping with the safer driving and connectivity experience theme.  If you like to participate in Alpha evaluation of any of our new configuration, write to us on iQ-Alpha at iQ-Autolife dot com.


Welcome  |||  Products  |||  Licensing  |||  Philosophy  |||  News  |||  FAQ    |||  About Us  


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