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What do we do?


iQ-AutoLifeTM provides the tools that makes it possible for drivers to enjoy connectivity in safer manner than what is offered by Automotive OEM, Telecom and Telematics service and hardware providers.  The system provides anxiety free interface with guaranteed Eyes On The Road and Hands On The Wheel to eliminate driver distraction due to manual texting, cell phone calls, e-mailing and browsing.

Our technologies are Patented and Patent pending in the U.S. and EU. They are the results of more than two decades of Real World Observation (others call it Naturalistic Driving).  Before you get excited, we assure you that cell phone calls, e-mailing and browsing are not carried out in the usual way but in a manner that guarantees Connectivity with Eyes On The Road and Hands On The WheelTM.
The difference between our technology and the "Ad hoc" way drivers access these connectivity means, is that we structure the experience to assure Convenience and a Common Sense approach that will avoid the known causes of in-vehicle or nomadic technologies.

The difference between our technology and the way automotive is that we are not aiming for providing the devices and services, but we aim to make the devices, the services, the drivers, the car to work together seamlessly to provide moderated connectivity and driving under strict safety rules extracted from real world historical facts.

Our Technologies will sense a danger and stop phones before the interrupt the driver. It can also guarantee that the drivers hands are on the wheel and not doing anything else while talking on the phone or when listening to e-mail. There is nothing like what we offer out there and expert that looked at our prototypes proclaimed it as meet or exceed existing "guide lines" from multiple regulatory and authoritative sources. Certification will be published once completed.

Our Offering is geared toward the most effected groups in the driver distraction problem. Starting with the individual driver up to the largest Commercial and Governmental fleets.

We are working on our mass production design that will be available in the fall of 2012.  Purchase of an aftermarket solution is available by contacting or pre-order through our Online store.

Licensing for "OEM deployment" is available by contacting our sister company at


1  iQ-Wheel™ Daily every day driving, Busy professionals on the go, (Road Warriors)
2  iQ-Teen™  iQ-Family™ Safety conscious parents, Safety conscious connected families
3  iQ-Fleet™ Small business, fleets owners, Towing trucks, Delivery trucks, Taxi Cab
4  iQ-Truck™ DOT registered vehicles, Large fleets owners with long haul routes and HAZMAT business

Each  of   our    offerings,    iQ-WHEELTMiQ-EXECTM  iQ-TeensTM,    iQ-fleetTM   and     iQ-Truck TM, are built from many smaller inventions.  These inventions are described here to allow you to further appreciate the packaging and to help you pick the solution best to suit you.

OEM Solutions are available.  Please contact us for appointment

In case you have a question.  We will set up a formal appointment to discuss how we can best set up our solution to serve your need.

Best regards.  Mouhamad A. Naboulsi, President.




        iQ-ALERTTM iQ-911TM    

Paid Services


Added Hardware

iQ-SENSETM iQ-RangerTM Third party sensors


iQ-PROFILETM: iQ-PROFILETM is a portable memory of the system and the only part that is fully unique to each driver.  It is located on iQ-HUBTM with a policy version lives on the phone or other portable device.  iQ-Profile TM is considered alive because the driver experience is constantly changing, and iQ-GatewayTM updated the learned phenomenon to assist in organizing driver preference and the need for seamless active assistance.  The followings are sample content of an  iQ-Profile TM.  Actual contents will vary based on Driving Application

  1. Name

  2. Age

  3. Gender

  4. Title

  5. Weight

  6. Height

  7. Address

  8. Emergency Contract

  9. Medical Record (for use by first responders and is sent out only when an accident occur)

  10. iQ-HUB TM access information

  11. Voice mails and passwords

  12. e-mails and passwords

  13. Preferred RSS for News, Weather and Traffic. (May change dynamically based on Geographic location)

  14. Daily Planner

  15. Favorites callers In/Out

  16. Driving Records (used to render assistant at areas of needs)

  17. Index of the phone book based on several properties/tags: Frequency, Time of Day, Day of Week, Day of Year

  18. Actions taken by the driver based on several properties/tags:  action, Frequency, Time of Day, Day of Week, Day of Year

  19. RAW Driving history

  20. Statistical summary of Driving History or a Report of Driving History

  21. RSS feeds for preferred news sources and topics

  22. RSS feed for local Weather

  23. RSS feed for local Traffic

  24. Social Media sites

  25. Driving Application specific contents

  26. etc....

The driver able to use the page to receive see any updates sent by the iQ-GatewayTM when an event is triggered or to review the daily activity of a specific user.


Administrator function is added to packages with multiple users, (iQ-TeensTM iQ-fleetTM and iQ-TRUCKTM).    In this case, Profile is set at least in part by the administrator to include allowed functionalities while driving.

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iQ-HUBTM:    iQ-HUBTM is a portal account on the internet, WAN or LAN.  It used to set up  the  driver profile, iQ-ProfileTM, including functionalities, likes, dislikes and favorites, etc.


The driver will set up the profile to include allowed functionalities while driving. and the completed profile will be downloaded on the phone via a message.


The driver will use the page to pool all communication resources:

  1. E-mails from various sources

  2. Daily Planner

  3. RSS feeds for preferred news sources and topics

  4. RSS feed for local Weather

  5. RSS feed for local Traffic

  6. Social media sites

The driver able to use the page to receive see any updates sent by the iQ-GatewayTM when an event is triggered or to review the daily activity of a specific user.  iQ-APPSTM is accessed through the portal.


Administrator function is added to packages with multiple users, (iQ-TEENSTM iQ-FLEETTM and iQ-TRUCKTM). 

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iQ-GatewayTM:     This is the "heart and brain" of the system.  No one else have anything like it.  Unlike some features on modern vehicles, this is not just a USB connectivity for your phone and MP3 player. a user will dock his portable devices into this smart cradle to be powered and controlled*. 



The Gateway is connected to the vehicle network to read what's happening with the car and the information to implicitly determine the busy and stress  state of the driver.  The Gateway then issue control commands** to equipment, services and devices activating, enabling, disabling or suspending them to  decrease the driver distress and possible distraction or to address drivers' need for help.


The Gateway also uses the phone data account, or a dedicated communication account to interface with iQ-HUBTM. It will retrieve a summary of the latest e-mails, news, weather and traffic to audibly read to the driver as per his selection in iQ-HUBTM.


iQ-GatewayTM is not equipped with a display. All information is given to the driver verbally so drivers eyes never leave the road. 


The Gateway is equipped with GPS antenna which helps the brain determines speed and location for accident reporting, but not a navigation software or a display.  Navigation can be added as a separate feature.




Navigation display-software cost extra and can be purchased from iQ-HUB TM / iQ-APPS TM.

Programming may change from one configuration to other or due to different Driving Application

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iQ-CONTROLS TM:    iQ-CONTROLSTM is a cluster of Smart Man Machine Interfaces. 

                                It determines how the system informs and receives commands back

                                from the driver.  

  1. HOWITM is the acronym for Hands On Wheel InterfaceTM  This is a 100% reliable user interface.  Instead of reaching for the phone, the driver can toggle through phone book and other communication features without taking hands of the wheels. 

HOWITM has two sensors, one on each side and can be configured to suite Right-handed and Left-handed drivers.  The sensors functions are changes dynamically so the driver does not have to do too much toggling to select the desired function. 


HOWITM is used to drive an audible menu, so the driver does not have to look at a screen.


HOWITM can detect the presence of one or both hands at the 10:02 and 9:15 and consequently can be configured to require at least one hand at that location to avoid a suspending telematics or hearing an alarm.  This feature can be targeted toward hazardous material haulers and at risk drivers.


  1. HUSTM is the acronym for Head UP SpeakerTM.  The speaker is positioned and designed to deliver sound from a unidirectional source from the forward looking-head up-eye level position.  This help drivers avoid the Zone out/Tunnel vision effect associated with the Earpiece, Hand held phones and sounds pumped from the car speakers


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iQ-ALERT TM:  iQ-ALERTTM is the system and methods used to test the driver alertness during long conversations or long trips.  The systems uses Dead Man Switch method as well as attention grabbing features to make sure driver is aware of his environment and not day dreaming or under  Zone out/Tunnel vision effect.


iQ-Alert collect information about the steering movement rate , Accelerator pedal and brake pedal  to additionally detect lack of concentration on driving, distraction, drowsiness or possible DUI.




Additional Sensors, iQ-SENSETM can be incorporated depending on Driving Application.


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iQ-911TM:       iQ-911TM is a fully automated Fee Free emergency calling solution.  It will call pre-determined numbers (911 or other local emergency numbers as set by driver).  It will also place  a note of the accident on iQ-HUBTM.  iQ-911TM accident report include information from iQ-PROFILETM and accident GPS coordinates in addition to severity of accident and known number of passengers and their iQ-PROFILETM information if available.   The system can also transmit data to a remote site using e-mail, text messaging or by populating a database with the same information.  The transmission is preceded with a count down to allow driver to abort the call if it was not necessary.

iQ-911TM  will also send a  text message, an e-mail or an audible call to a set  of chosen emergency contacts

iQ-911TM  can also be accessed manually with single button push using HOWITM.


Programming may change from one configuration to other based on the Driving Application


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iQ-411TM:        iQ-411TM is a Pay Per Call service available to drivers with a single button push using HOWITM.



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iQ-NOTIFYTM: iQ-NOTIFYTM is a service available to Administrators (Parents and Fleet managers).  It is triggered by a pre-selected event and can.  Included in Fleet and Trucks offering  and  a pay per use or a monthly fee for the iQ-TEENS TM and iQ-WHEEL TM


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iQ-CONCIERGETM: iQ-CONCIERGETM accessed with a single button push using HOWITM.  This is a monthly fee based service.  It is best suited for elderly or for people that drive extensively.  It helps drivers do things that are not possible to do while on a plane or while driving or while in a meeting or even a sleep.



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iQ-TRACKTM: iQ-TRACKTM Monthly fee and data plan or a dedicated connection allows account administrators to track every vehicle on a live map



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iQ-TRAFFICTM iQ-TRAFFICTM trip and real time location traffic data-monthly fee


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iQ-WEATHERTM: iQ-WEATHERTM is real time location weather data  Requires monthly fee.


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iQ-APPSTM   iQ-APPSTM is a suite of applications developed for general use or custom application developed at the request of the customer.


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iQ-AWARETM: iQ-AwareTM manages environmental warnings.  it has two distinct features.  iQ-AwareTM requires built in or additional sensors that require professional installation.  The system data is included in any data uploaded to iQ-HUB TM

Awareness notification to the driver when detecting a danger is emerging in the driving environment, e.g. driving too close to other cars, vehicle in blind spot, too close to front and rear vehicle and emerging threat from rear or in front of vehicle.  It uses visual and audible hints based on detected driver intention as implied by additional factors.

Straight Ahead VectorTM uses navigation information to plot a terrain course ahead of the vehicle adding any data form wireless sources, and then delivers information to the driver about the upcoming location, e.g. school bus, school zone, construction , change in road grade or a steep curve.  The module will compare driver compliance with the vector ahead and then issue a reminder to the driver of the imminent danger or deploy / actuate devices to mitigate dangers.

This feature requires at least iQ-RANGERTM and vehicle proximity sensors from Third Party Suppliers.  Both are sold separately.


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iQ-SENSETM: iQ-SENSETM is a suite of physiological sensors.  Some of  these sensors are embedded in the steering wheel and others are placed to access the driver status audibly of optically.

The Sensor suites include one or more of the following sensors:

  1. Heart rate monitor

  2. Blood pressure monitor

  3. Blood Oxygen level monitor

  4. Sweat detector and analyzer

    1. Stress analysis

    2. Alcohol Contents

      1. Includes vehicle control feature

      2. Includes emergency contact notification

      3. includes 911 call.

  5. Gripping strength

  6. Hands temperature

  7. Infrared camera

  8. Microphone with a sound level analyzer

Additional physiological sensors can be added to the system when required.  The system data is included in any data uploaded to iQ-HUBTM




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iQ-RANGERTM  iQ-RANGERTM is a suite of Navigation services software and hardware  It is essential for IQ-AWARETM.




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We are working on our mass production design that will be available in early 2013.  Purchase of an aftermarket solution is available by contacting
info at or by visiting


For licensing, please visit this page.


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