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Connectivity with 
Eyes On The Roads 
Hands on the Wheel



Thank you very much for joining us.  Mouhamad A. Naboulsi, CEO and Inventor.


What do we do?

iQ-TelematicsTM provides the tools that makes it possible for drivers to enjoy connectivity in safer manner than what is offered by Automotive OEM, Telecom providers, Apps providers and Telematics service and hardware providers.  The system provides anxiety free experience with guaranteed Eyes On The Road and Hands On The Wheel to eliminate driver distraction due to Manual Visual distraction like texting, making cell phone calls, e-mailing and browsing.  Before you get excited, we assure you that cell phone calls, e-mailing and browsing are not carried out in the usual way but in a manner that guarantees Connectivity with Eyes On The Road and Hands On The WheelTM

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Our technologies are Patented and Patent pending in the U.S. and EU and we also have exclusive license for the aftermarket from our Sister Company, ACT-IPTM.


Our technologies are the results of more than two decades Real World Observation (others call it Naturalistic Driving). They are formulated to allow connectivity to cell phone voice communication, texting, e-mail and access to the web in a safer manner than any other manner deployed on today's vehicles.

The difference between our technology and the "Ad hoc" way drivers access these connectivity tools, is that we structure the experience to assure Convenience and a Common Sense approach that will avoid the known causes of in-vehicle or nomadic technologies distraction, yet give drivers, families and their organizations (work, club, services, auto company, government), an unprecedented seamless integration between all their digital profile and their real world need.

Currently deployed automotive, telecom and telematics providers are focused on providing features and services such as cell phones, website  and cars with screens.  We on the other hand are not aiming for providing the devices and services, but we aim to make the devices, the services, the phones, the web, the drivers and the car to work together seamlessly to provide moderated connectivity and driving under strict safety rules extracted from real world historical facts, while providing unprecedented seamless integration between all their digital profile and their real world need, (today's buzz word is context). 

Our Technologies will sense a danger and stop phones before the driver is interrupted or surprised. It can also guarantee that the drivers hands are on the wheel and not doing anything else while talking on the phone or when listening to e-mail. There is nothing like what we offer out there and expert that looked at our prototypes proclaimed it as meet or exceed existing "guide lines" from multiple regulatory and authoritative sources. Certification will be published once completed.

Our Offering is geared toward the most effected groups in the driver distraction problem. Starting with the individual driver up to the largest Commercial and Governmental fleets.

We are working on our mass production design that will be available in early 2013.  Purchase of an aftermarket solution is available by visiting our Marketing and Sales sister company on

For licensing, please visit this page.


Welcome  |||  Products  ||| Licensing  |||  Philosophy  |||  News  |||  FAQ    |||  About Us  


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